Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the oil plug located on my jack?
Please see the diagrams for a typical service jack and a typical bottle jack.

2. How do I bleed the air from my jack?
With the ram fully retracted, locate and remove the oil plug. Open the release valve and pump the handle six to eight times; this will release any pressurized air that may be trapped in the system.

3. What is the proper oil level for my jack?
For service jacks the correct oil level is 3/16” above the inner cylinder. For bottle jacks the correct oil level is just below the oil filler hole with the jack sitting upright. Make sure the ram is fully retracted before checking the oil level.

4. What kind of oil should I use?
Only use a good grade of hydraulic jack oil. This oil is available at auto parts stores and most retail stores with an automotive department.

5. If my jack is under warranty and I am having trouble with it, what should I do?
Warranty procedures vary by product line. Most retail store items are under warranty by exchange at the place of purchase. Most professional lifting equipment is under warranty by sending parts or doing repairs. Please do not ship warranty items to us without prior approval. If you have questions about warranty procedures please refer to your owner’s manual or contact us.

6. Are parts available to fix my jack?
For retail store items we usually only stock handles and oil plugs. For professional lifting equipment lines we have a large selection of parts available, including repair kits. Service centers are only available for the professional equipment.

7. Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number location depends on what product you have; please click here to see some example pictures of serial number locations.

8. I have the release valve closed and am pumping the handle but the jack doesn't raise. What should I do?
Try the bleeding procedure ( #2 ) and check the oil level ( #3 ).